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Greetings from CEO

As a manufacturer of Polystyrene Foamboard - widely used in advertising,
graphic arts, stationery, and Picture frame industry -, we have innovated our
technology to produce highest quality POP Board®, and have pursued
Customers' Satisfaction.

The results are entirely satisfactory.
We are grown up, - togetherwith the growth of customers who deals with Neofoam
Foamboards around the world-, as one of the leading Foamboard manufacturer fully
lined-up from resin extruded Foams to adhesive conversion facilities,
all certified by ISO Standard.

Lots of patent rights representing the technologies of
our core technologies are the symbol of those.

NEOFOAM owes all those successes to our customers who have supported
and encouraged us continuously. We'd like to express our utmost appreciation
to them in this letter.

We will continue to listen to customer's needs so we can build the future together,
and the innovative spirit in NEOFOAM will forever remain unchanged

Sending herewith all the best from NEOFOAM,

S. N. Kwon / President & CEO