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Neofoam is specialized in the production of Various Boards that have Polystyrene Foam Core inside, and the POP-BOARD® represents the whole Boards that is produced by Neofoam.

Neofoam POP-BOARD® are light-in-weight, easy-to-cut, very versatile, but strong Boards that are applied in indoors, Display Board, Mounting, photo-framing, direct-to-substrate Digital Printing, Screen Printing, and for Shock absorbing Packing, and other purposes.
Neofoam POP-BOARD® are also available in Self Adhesive in Single Side, or Double Side.

Standard Foamboard

A wide variety of application in the field of digital printing, framing, mounting, point-of-purchase advertising, signage, models, exhibits, presentation and graphic arts with features of creativity, lightweight and movability.

Specialty Foamboard

Functional Surface Treatment was applied on the Substrate, effecting on the Foamboard as Moisture Resistant, Super Flat quality, and for the use on Direct digital Printing, screen printing and broad variety of jobs of photo mounting and picture framing

Natural Foamboard

After Polystyrene Resin extruded to Foam Sheet in roll, Some are used as substrate for the processing of Foamboards, and some are processed in Board, called as Natural Foamboard. They are available in White, and in Colored Foamboard