Where to Apply Foamboard


Where to Apply

Advertising & Decoration in Shopping Mall displays
  • POP (Point-of-Purchase) Advertising, price cards.
  • Shop Decoration : the latest hot offers.
  • Last-minute slogans & photos.
  • Poster Mounting : display stands, columns, hangers.
Presentation & Publicity at Office, School, Showcase, Trade Expo
  • Update Presentation : flats & backdrops, Charts, boards & diagrams.
  • Mobile Exhibition : big fair-stands, illustrations.
  • Fair Organizing : large scale of props & mounting.
Graphicarts & Stationery
  • Graphics for printing : Direct digital/screen printing on Flat Bed System.
  • Painting & photo backing : drawing & bulletin board, picture & Photo frame backing.
  • Design for Stationery : Mock-up Model construction & toy design.
Shock Proof & Insulating Packaging
  • Packing for Precious & Fragile goods including porcelain, chinaware.
  • Insulation packing material for special medicine.
  • Fresh food packing.


Conventional applications as mounting & backing boards.
Lightweight, but strong and rigid foamboards makes it possible to easy-move.
Easy-to-cut by cutting blades and CNC Cutting.
Shock-resistant/absorbing, and for Buffering Boards, give excellent application on Packing materials, as well as Picture Framing Industries.
Full Flat Boards suitable for direct Digital printing on Flatbed Print-and-Cut.
Double side Self adhesive boards help to mount Non-adhesived Sheets/Papers into walls without additional materials.

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