NEOFOAM has long been manufacturing and supplying POLYSTYRENE FOAMBOARDS, to not only domestic clients, but also to overseas customers in more than 40 countries in the world.

NEOFOAM was commencing the Foamboard production from small and elementary facilities, sites as small as 180㎡, located in Gwangju City, Gyeonggi/Korea the early period our name was "DongBo Industry" had announced its establishment to the Foamboard market, as of October 1, 1989.

In 1996, DongBo Industry had moved facilities to the neighboring areas with the site of 3,300㎡, which is the matrix of what we are doing now.

Those sites keep expanded year by year, reaching the total site as large as 15,000㎡ as of 2019.

In 2000, the company name was changed to NEOFOAM, which name meaning is word complexing of the "New-Generation + Foamboard" representing our challenge of Innovation to Upgrade of Foamboard and ours.

The year of 2010 was remarkable year NEOFOAM's Technological Innovation.

One is that the installment of a Large format Foamboard machine was successfully completed, and the other is Aluminum Layer Inserted Foamboard was initially supplied to the market.

The results were so innovative that NEOFOAM enjoys a good reputation in 1,530mm (60") Large Format Foamboard markets, and in Premium Rigid Foamboard markets as well.

Now, NEOFOAM has grown up as World BIG 5 in Polystyrene Foamboard Manufacturer, operating the Integrated & Continuous Production System (ICPS), producing from Polystyrene Foam Core to various type of Foamboards in size of 1,530mm and larger.

NEOFOAM is focusing on the future market - Direct Digital Printing on Foamboard - that will create new demand for Premium Quality Rigid Foamboards, as NEOFOAM has long been preparing and some NEOFOAMBOARDS have already been approved by the world-renowned Large Format Printers.

In 2019 NEOFOAM becomes a great 30th anniversary and will continue innovations in the next 30 years as it has done in the past 30 years, and you will remind and see the name, NEOFOAM whenever there is Foamboards near you.